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Purpose of the Academic Foundation

The Academic Foundation is a non-profit association devoted to supporting, enhancing, and promoting academic opportunities for the Salem Community High School. The Foundation is run by a volunteer board of directors.


Opportunities are made available to staff at SCHS for implementing programs in their classrooms and throughout their departments.


One of the opportunities is the mini-grants made available to teachers each year.

Mini-Grants support, encourage and facilitate great teaching ideas. Mini-Grants are modest cash awards that help educators make a positive difference in their classrooms.


Teachers or departments may also submit for consideration special projects that require funding not available through district funds.


Although this foundation was not started for scholarship purposes, it has become a big part of what we do.


Support for all of this is made possible through memberships fees, donations, and fundraisers.





Debbie Woodruff, Chair
T.J. Burge
John Gaston
Bob Haney
Mike Hargis
Geff Purcell

Sheila Baldridge



Bob Haney, Chair
Jared Hunter
Rhonda Mulvany
Todd Woodruff

Carson Smith

James Toth



James Sager, Chair
Darren Dwyer

Jared Hunter
Geff Purcell

Dena Heflin


Hall of Fame

Sheila Baldridge, Chair
T.J. Burge

Don Decker
Rhonda Mulvany
Debbie Hays
Debbie Woodruff

Kirby Phillips



Debbie Hays, Chair

Don Decker
Jane Gaston
Dena Heflin

Sheila Baldridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Foundation a part of the Board of Education?
The Foundation is completely independent of the Board of Education.  The Foundation draws together businesses, community agencies, and individuals who are interested in improving educational opportunities at SCHS.

Who is controlling the funds?
The Foundation leadership is comprised of private citizens interested in education and SCHS.

How will the funds be spent?
Proposals are submitted by SCHS staff members for grants.  Scholarship forms are available in the Student Services office for students.  A selection committee of Foundation Board members reviews requests and award grants and scholarships to projects that enhance, rather than duplicate, existing programs.

May I designate how my contribution will be used?
The Foundation will accept both restricted and unrestricted contributions as well as endowment funds and donations for specific projects.