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Memberships and donations are the main funding source for the Foundation. Becoming a member only takes a few moments of your time and has lasting impact for our school and the students.


At this time we are seeking the best solution for collecting membership fees and donations online. Until we have this available, please click the image below to download the membership form to complete, print, and mail with your fee and/or donation.


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For Special Donations


If you are interested in making a special donation, please contact a Foundation board member or send a note using the contact form on the Contact Page indicating your contact information. A Foundation board officer will respond to your message.

Current Members

LaDon Adams
A.P. and Isabel Aguilar, M.D.
Angie Armbrust
David Armbrust
Rita Armbrust
John and Kay Bachmann
Dr. Dwain and Sheila Baldridge
Bill and Tina Bandy
James and Linda Becker
Thomas and Judy Beyers
Richard H. Black
Terri and David Blair
Rachel Bliss
Christine and Bob Blondi
Edie Boehne
Harold Bookhout
Dale and Dorothy Boyles
Harold G. and Joan Boyles
Galen and Martha Brant
Mary Brigham
Frank Brinkerhoff
Carol and Bennett Britt
Barney and Joyce Bruce
Bernard and Linda Bryant
Lou and Charlotte Bryant
Raymond Bullard
T.J. Burge
Scott and Kate Burmeister
Jenny and Ed Carlson
Becky Carpenter
Tom and Debi Champion
James and Wilmeta Chance
Neil Chance
Jeannell Charman
Larry Clark
Wanda Collum
Janice and Harry Curtis
Frank Davidson
Darwin D. and Dorothy Davis
Emily Davis
Jim and Kris Davis
Martha and Lester Deason
Brad Decker
Pat and Rick Denham
Audrey and Mike Devenport
Joseph Dunbar
Mary Duncan
Shirley Dunn
Mike and Lynette Dye
Richard and Joy Elder
Anna Lou Eller
Diane and Ron Eller
Nancy Emmons, PhD
Kathy Finney
Ralph and Naomi Fishman
Ronald and Linda Fogle
Dr. Elizabeth and Frank Franczyk
Mariann Friedman
Nesta Frost

Lynn and Peggy Gardner
Laura and Robert Gardner, MD
Ed and Chris Garich
Keri and Dan Garrett
Tom and Renita Garrett
Cherie and Doug Garrette
Jane Gaston
John Gaston
Doris Gatewood
Delores and Jim Gaylord
Connie and Corky Graham
Greg and Rae Gruenkemeyer
Jewell and Louis Gruenkemeyer
Kent and Martha Gruenkemeyer
Phyllis Hahn
Sandra Hakanson
Debbie Halfacre
Bruce Hall
Pat Hall
Bob Haney
Mike Hargis
John and Judith Ann Hargis, Jr.
Charles and Blanche Harmon
Debra Hays
Bill Heacock
Dena and Clark Orlovetz Heflin
Evelyn and Walter Henegar
Elaine and Paul Henley
Steve Hoffner
Robert and Juanita Hofstetter
Janet and Scott Holst
James and Leta Homan
Harriet "Suzy" and Ron Hood
Carla and Mike Hooe
Nancy Howard
William and Krista Howard
Jared Hunter
Bob Jamison
Barbara and Mason Jett
Misty and Richard Johannes
Suellen and Dr. Jeff Johnson
Donald and Bevelyn Jones
Shirley D. and Joseph Jordan
Howard Duane and Catherine Karrick
Larry and Cheryl Katzenstein
Dr. John and Dr. Ann Kenney, III
Megan and Jason Kessler
Judith and Jong-In Kim
Jill and Randy Kline
Jim and Angela Koehler
Mark and Lynn Larimer
Lawrence Leuty
Joan Lowery
Doug and Jacqueline Malan
Greg and Phyllis Malan
Marim Jess and Phyllis Marlow
Kert Martin
John McDougal
Merry Gay McMackin-Little


Keith and Tammie McNeil
Richard Mendenhall
Mary Merz
Douglas Middleton
Una Mae and Jack Minton
Earl (Sandy) Moldovan
Eugene Morton
Mary Gertrude Morton
Oren and Lois Mulvaney
Steve and Rhonda Mulvany
Lindell and Brenda Mulvany
Edward P. and Claire Murray
Don and Terri Nesmith
Mark Novak
Larry and Linda O'Bryant
Marvin R and Mona Owens
Cindi and John Paulin
Una Periman
Lana and Michael Porter
Janet and Jim Pratt
Darlene and Loren Prest
Geff and Susan Purcell
Leslie and Bryan Rader
Charles Raglin
Orlando and Melissa Ramos
Robert and Mary Ellen Raver
Sam and Kay Ritchie
Joe and Kathy Rose
Rodney and Sami Rose
Patricia and William Rotz
James and Lea Ann Sager
Mary L. and Tom Sander
Ted and Lorrie Schneider
Becky Schuler
Charles and Sue Scott
Jeffrey G. and Lila Scott
Rita Scott
Richard and Carole Shaffer
Elizabeth and Danny Shuler
Lelah and Bill Siever
Larry L. and Carolyn E. Simpson
Marvin and Lola Sipes
Edward and Jody Smalley
William and Marie Smith
Connie Smudrick
Lael and William Snyder
Dale and Nancy Spitler
Eugene (Jerald) and Peggy Spratt
Jo and Chuck Stallings
Kent A. Staton
Steven and Doris Stein
Joan M. and C. Lewis Steinburg
Charles Stence
Marcia Sterneck
James Storment
Dr. P. Suppiah
Glenda and William Sweatt
Winston and Donna Tate
Betty and Otto Thiele
Earl A "Hap" and June Thompson
Robert and Lenora Thompson
Joan and Carlos Tiernon
Rev. Robert, and Rachel Trobaugh, MD
Edward and Lynn Wakefield
Phyllis and William Westerman
Charles and Roberta White
Dan Wile
Connie and Louis Williams
Richard and Janice Williams
Roberta and R. O. Williams
Francey Wolfe
Debbie Woodruff
Jeffrey and Aura Woodruff
Todd Woodruff
Doris Zorensky
Betty and Melvin Zucker


Custom Accounting Services

Hunter Law Firm

Marvin R. Jenkins & Assoc., Inc.

Max Dye Inc.

Salem-Flora Radiology S.C.

Woodruff Services





Please accept our apologize if your name is missing from this list. This list is updated periodically and every effort is made to maintain its accuracy. Please feel free to drop us a note for any omissions or changes. A contact form is available on the Contact Page of this site.