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SCHS Academic Foundation

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Academic Foundation Scholarship

Ryan Byers $1000

Shannon Heflin Memorial Scholarship

Michael McGuire $1000

Richard E. Cruise Music Scholarship

Ryan Cape $500

Selmaville Educational Association Scholarship

Emily Baer $500

Veterans Scholarship

Allysa Buerster $500

Debra K McCullum Memorial Scholarship

Allysa Buerster $500

Jillin Williams $500

Class of 1950 Nursing Scholarship

Malory Daniels $300


Ben Baggett Scholarship

Sophia Hofelich $1000

Herschel and Nina Rose Agriculture Scholarship

Joshua Williams $500

SCHS Health/Science & Biotechnology Scholarship

Andrew Banning $1000

Michael McGuire $1000

Austin Freeman Memorial Scholarship

Jaylen Wayer $500

SCHS Alumni Scholarship

Ashley Alvis $400


For more information on the SCHS Academic Foundation Scholarships and other scholarships available at the Salem Community High School visit: