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Second Salem Community High School Academic Foundation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Salem Community High School Academic Foundation held its second Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the SCHS cafeteria.

The honorees were selected by the Academic Foundation committee based on leadership and character and by having made exceptional contributions to the honor and prestige of SCHS. Members selected included John Scopes, Dr. Robert Raver, Bob Goldsbourough, Dr. Delora L. Mount, and Julie Chitty.

John Scopes, Class of 1919


John was the defendant in the most famous trial of the twentieth century, the Scopes Monkey Trial. In his memoirs he emphasized his believe in freedom of religion, academic freedom and the freedom of speech. In remembering Salem he said, “In many ways, Salem, where I finished high school, was my crucible”. After the trial he received thousands of letters included offers of large sums of money from motion picture companies and lecture promoters, all of which Scopes declined.  He had “too much respect for the issues involved in the trial” to want to make “a quick dollar”.

Dr. Robert Raver, Class of 1946


Dr. Raver is the only SCHS graduate to become Superintendent of SCHS and the first to have a doctorate. During his 40 year career he was instrumental in modernizing the educational experience students receive and implemented major improvements to the SCHS campus.

Bob Goldsborough, Class of 1947


Bob has focused his career on Government Affairs, Radio and Advertising. He has served as Press Aide to the New Mexico State Senate, Administrative Assistant to the Attorney General, Executive Assistant to the Governor, and Cabinet Secretary of Economic Development & Tourism. Bob ran for Governor of New Mexico in 1990.

Delora L. Mount, M.D., Class of 1982


Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery; Director of Craniofacial/Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic University of Wisconsin, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Mount’s clinical specialties include the treatment of infants and children, particularly those with major facial birth defects. Dr. Mount’s complex and lengthy operations make dramatic improvements to the lives of these children and their families. Dr. Mount has also been on many missions to provide her services to children in third world countries.

Julie A. Chitty, RN, FNP-C, MS, MPH Class of 1989


Senior Technical Advisor in HIV/AIDS Palliative Care for President Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  Julie Chitty is a certified family nurse practitioner and an international health specialist who has directed and implemented health and HIV/AIDS programs in partnership with many African countries devastated by AIDS.  Ms. Chitty has also served as a nurse with several faith-based organizations in East Africa, The Gambia, West Africa and in Nicaragua.